© Wood Sabold. All rights reserved. Canon EOS 20D digital camera.

View from the tee of the short par 3, 5th hole of the Bandon Trails Course of the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, Bandon, Oregon. The green has several severe levels and it is important to get to the right level with the tee shot. Otherwise, chances are that you will have a difficult two putt. You also want to make sure that you reach the green because a ravine right off the tee extends up to three bunkers guarding the very front of the green. There is also a mostly hidden bunker to the right of the green that seems to suck tee shots that land in the middle of the lower levels and have just a bit of left to right spin. The tree on the left is no longer there which opens up views of the ample left side of the green.
Bandon Trails is the third course of the acclaimed Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. The course opened in 2005. Architect, Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw.

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