Old Macdonald Golf Course

Old Macdonald opened in 2010 and is the fourth course at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.  The architects, Tom Doak and Jim Urbina, set out to pay homage to golf course architect Charles Blair Macdonald, considered the father of golf course architecture in the United States.  Mike Keiser’s idea for this design theme occurred to him while reading the book by George Bahto, “The Evangelist of Golf: The Story of Charles Blaire Macdonald.”  The idea was further advanced by conversations with George Bahto and Tom Doak.  Eventually a panel of Macdonald knowledgable consultants was formed that would assist Mike Keiser and the architects in the task of creating an entirely new course while relying on the original hole designs of Macdonald as inspiration.  The holes would carry the names of the Macdonald holes such as Redan, Eden, Alps and Biarritz to add a touch of golf design history to the layout.  The course features expansive fairways and large and daring greens always reachable with a ground approach.  The acreage of the greens has been accepted as the greatest of all courses in the world.

The copyright notice on each image refers to the edited and printed versions of the image.  The original photographed images are the copyrighted property of Bandon Dunes.

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